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About us...

We are the Hauck family. Not many years ago we lived in peaceful suburbia with our share of dogs, but no thought to farms. Until one day we inherited some chickens from a friend.

That started a journey that went beyond any of our wildest dreams. A few more hatches, a few more chickens, a move to a more rural area, a couple goats, a couple horses, a couple more goats, all rolled up to make us Amazing Grace Farm.

The Lord has been faithful to us, giving and taking away to mold our farm from hobby, to tentative business to family ministry.

Here's a closer look at the team that makes this farm run like a well-oiled machine.

Steven, Solutions Specialist of Amazing Grace Farm

Solutions Specialist
Husband, dad, bodyguard, handyman, Steve does all these things and more. He keeps everyone's dreams within the scope of reality while catching the vision for the functionality and beauty of our home. Whenever there's a problem, Steve has a solution and it possibly involves duct tape.

Debi, Farm Manager of Amazing Grace Farm

Farm Manager
Debi makes sure things are done and done right, while keeping everyone sane and stable in the process. Her attention to detail and her compassionate heart make her the caretaker for humans and animals alike.

Emily, Animal Specialist of Amazing Grace Farm

Animal Specialist
Half down and dirty farm girl, half classy fashionista Emily knows what's what when there's milking to be done or horses to care for. She's our official Cheese Maker and Dreamer with her running wind spirit always keeping the rest of the family guessing.

Victoria, Farm Coordinator of Amazing Grace Farm

Farm Coordinator
Just a fancy term for jack-of-all-trades, Victoria makes sure dinner is cooked, the animals are behaving, and every human is laughing. Buyer and seller of all our animals Victoria never stays in the box and is continually trying new things for the farm.

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